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GBantireflex - Transmission enhancing coating

GBantireflex can be applicated to enhance the light transmission trough transparent substrates made of plastics. This coating increases the transmission of UV-rays of a defined spectrum. Due to this the coated substrates are even more effective. The transmission enhancing coating GBantireflex is especially useful for surfaces of sensors, coverings or  similar to enhance the precision of such devices.

Properties of GBantireflex

  • reduces reflection and increases transmission inside a defined spectrum by 3 up to 5 %
  • maximum temperature load: 130 °C
  • film thickness from 5 up to 10 µm
  • scratch-resistant (scratch hardness acording to DIN EN ISO 1518: up to 10 N; pencil hardness according to DIN EN ISA 15184: up to 10H)
  • abrasive hardness (cross-cut test according to DIN EN ISO 2409)
  • chemical-proof to customary detergents and disinfection methods
  • no change in optic or haptical quality of the substrate
  • highly transparent
  • mechanically flexible


  • plastics (PC and more)