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The „obenauf-thüringen“ network is made up of companies from the eastern area of the Rennsteig in Neuhaus am Rennweg, Lauscha and the surrounding towns.

Representatives of the sectors of industry, gastronomy, crafts and tourism have joined forces.

Im Rahmen des Netzwerks haben sich Vertreter aus den Bereichen Industrie, Gastronomie, Handwerk und Tourismus zusammengefunden. The intention of the project is to present the high quality of life of the region in the Thuringian Forest nationwide and to develop it positively through diverse impulses. The focus is on offers on the region's labor market, but also tips and recommendations for education, leisure and relaxation. The sporting and cultural events that are organized by "obenauf-thüringen" - such as the obenauf Comedy Prize or the obenauf table tennis cup - are very popular.

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automotive thüringen e.V.


Automotive thüringen e.V. ("at") was founded on August 29, 2000 by 9 Thuringian companies as automotive supplier Thuringia e.V. (AZT). The aim is to strengthen the Thuringian automotive suppliers and to market Thuringia as an innovative and efficient location for the automotive industry. Today the automotive thüringen e. V. has a total of 97 member companies. These are employing around 30,000 people and generated an annual turnover of around 4.4 billion €.

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Cluster Nanotechnologie


In order to create a better use of the enormous potential of nanotechnology, the nanotechnology cluster was founded in 2006. The nanotechnology cluster is funded by the Bavarian state government as a part of the Bavarian cluster offensive.

The cluster sees its task in the interlinking of key sectors such as the automotive industry, electronics, mechanical engineering or medical technology with nanotechnological research and development competence.

The focus of the work of the Nanotechnology Cluster is the continuous expansion of a competence network for the promotion of cooperation between business and research, in particular by initiating, accompanying and implementing specific projects. Further tasks are the introduction of students and teachers to nanotechnology as well as the promotion of nanotechnology teaching content at schools, universities and in training in order to counteract the shortage of skilled workers with sustainable promotion of young talent.

The supporting organizations of the Nanotechnology Cluster are Nanoinitiative Bayern GmbH and Nanonetz Bayern e.V.

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Netzwerk NanoSilber


The NanoSilber network deals with the responsible further development of nanosilver in manufacture, processing, application, production and disposal.

In the network, companies and research institutions work together along the value chain in order to implement innovative products and applications in a sustainable and resource-saving manner.

The technical potential of nanosilver is cross-industry. The network therefore offers strong partners with outstanding competencies in their respective specialist areas. The core of the network work is the open exchange between the network partners as well as joint research and development projects. The partners are supported by professional network management, which takes on the administrative tasks of the network and provides understandable information about current findings and successes.

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Nanonetz Bayern e.V.


The support association Nanonetz Bayern e.V. forms an open platform for actors in nanotechnology and is a competent contact for developers and users in the economy. The bundling and coordination of core competencies from the fields of research, business, teaching and services create synergies that contribute significantly to the introduction of nanotechnology approaches into social and economic areas and are intended to support their dissemination.

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TechExpert India Pvt. Ltd.


TechExpert India is our competent partner for surface coatings in India. Even before we have founded our Indian subsidiary, GBneuhaus Pvt. Ltd, in Pune in 2018, we cooperated with TechExpert. They helped us to take our first steps in the Asian market and we are still very close partners until today.

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Make In India Mittelstand


"Make in India Mittelstand" is an initiative of the Indian embassy and the Indian government as part of the national program "MAKE IN INDIA", which aims to market India as an industrial location in Germany and offers medium-sized German companies support in opening up the Indian market.

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Indo-German Chamber of Commerce (AHK Indien)


The AHK India offer German companies a wide range of services to facilitate their success in the German-Indian environment. The AHK offers support especially when entering the market, at training courses or at trade fairs.

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