Chains of infection are effectively interrupted for the entire product life cycle.

controlled Release

SANPURE® Contains a modern system for the controlled release of active ingredients and thus fulfills all requirements for biocompatibility.

Made in

Both - the coating and the high performance additive AGPURE® - are modern technologies, which are produced exclusively in Germany.



RAS AG & GBneuhaus

Joint Venture

The SANPURE® coating is developed jointly by GBneuhaus GmbH in cooperation with RAS AG. SANPURE® combines the outstanding properties of the Sol-Gel coatings with the antimicrobial properties of the AGPURE® technology. In this way, the proliferation of dangerous multiresistant germs can be permanently and safely reduced. The active substance AGPURE® Nanosilver is reported according to EU 528/2012 (Reg.No. N-29919, Reg.No. N-29916, Reg.No. N-29918).

Risk - Multiresistance (MRSA und MRGN)

The growth of bacteria and microorganisms on surfaces and their transfer to humans pose high risk in areas with special hygiene requirements. In this context even the proper cleaning of the materials is often not sufficient to permanently reduce the risk of infection. Disinfection measures are always related to a specific date - SANPURE® protects permanently!

SANPURE® Permanent Protection

Our antimicrobial solutions provide the surfaces with a transparent, chemically resistant and abrasion-resistant coating system which has a permanent antimicrobial effect (PERIOD). Bacterial growth is permanently prevented. The effectiveness against the particularly dangerous multiresistant germs such as MRSA (Methicillin Resistenter Staphylococcus Aureus) und 3,4 MRGN (Multi-Resistente Gram Negative Germs) has been documented in numerous scientific studies on AGPURE®.

AGPURE® was chosen by the OECD as a standard reference material for nanosilver.

So funktioniert SANPURE®

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